Becoming the perfect version of yourself

It’s so hard being a woman! Yes I said it. To be classed as a ‘perfect woman’ in this society we are expected to have hair down to our butt, skin that looks like a snapchat filter and be running at 5am. We all know those woman that stroll into work, heels at the ready, hair and make-up perfected and claim to have been to the gym for an hour. I know, I claim to be one of them. But the difference is I’ll admit…it’s EXHAUSTING. My Blog will cover all things beauty, fitness and well-being. Posts will focus on beauty products that actually work, fitness routines that are easy to follow and how to breathe when it all gets too much. So ladies, put down the Johnson’s baby wipes (as good as they may be) close the magazines and make a start on becoming the ‘perfect version of yourself’.