Taking care of your skin-a simple and cost-effective routine. 

I’ve had so many people compliment me on my skin this week and ask me what routine I follow. I’m always reluctant to give advice on skin because we all have completely different types. But after hearing recently one of my friends washes her face with hand wash (yes hand wash) I feel some people just need some advice on where to start. 
I think budget is a big issue when it comes to choosing the right skin care for you. It would be lovely to be following a luxury Elizabeth Arden routine but some people just can’t afford it. So the starting point is working out what you can afford. Don’t be tempted to go out and buy the best products, your skin will get used to them and if you can’t afford to replace them you’re back to square one. 
For my skin I follow 4 simple steps:
1. Nivea 2 in 1 Cleanser and Toner-add a small amount to a cotton pad and spread evenly across the face. 

2. Nivea-Effective eye make-up remover-spread across the cotton pad and wipe over the eyes. This stuff will remove any left over mascara the cleanser hasn’t reached. 

3. Nivea Light moisturising cream-spread over the back of your hands and put on your neck using an upwards movement. Then put it on the ends of your fingertips and apply to your face using the same movement. Avoid using the palms of your hands. Most women make this mistake without realising this is where bacteria builds up. Applying cream like this will result in a build up of bacteria on your face-often resulting in spots.

4. Before applying make-up apply a small amount of prevage to prepare your skin. 

And that’s it-my morning routine. Simple, fast and not too expensive. You can pick most of the Nivea products up for under £5 and although the prevage is a luxury it lasts nearly 3 months. In the evening I will repeat but usually use a makeup wipe (simple oil free wipes) before starting the routine and I switch the Nivea day cream to night. 

Hope this helps some of you who are wanting to start looking after your skin. Remember though gorgeous skin is not just about your routine but exercising, fuelling your body properly and sleep-lots of it. 

Love Elle

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