The magic of red lips..

So there’s no hiding from my Facebook and Twitter uploads that I’m a major fan of the ‘red lipstick’.  Now I know when I put it on it makes me feel like my whole face is lit up.  But did I know there were studies based on this little gem…definitely not. The most shocking statements:

1. It is proven that waitresses wearing red lipstick get tipped more. 

2. Women in bars are approached more if they are wearing red lipstick.

3. Men spend 7.3 seconds fixated on a woman’s  lips when she is wearing red lipstick. 

4. Some of the world’s most intelligent and charismatic women are wearing red lipstick. 

5. My favourite-it makes women feel confident. 

So I ask myself the question does applying red lipstick really make me feel any different? 

Given my hair colour a red lipstick is very noticeable on me. The days when I do wear it I feel like my hair looks brighter and my makeup is more noticeable. So yes I would say I definitely feel different. More confident? Perhaps, I mean it is proven if you wear red lipstick people are listening to you more. 

There are really endless benefits to this magical colour…

Now there’s women that are totally against red lipstick stating that ‘it is too sexy for work’ and ‘way too high maintenance’. 

Wearing red lipstick for me is a statement that ‘I care about the way I look’ and knowing it makes people ‘look twice’ makes it even more desirable. 

What are your views on red lipstick? Should it only be worn in certain job roles? Should it only be worn with certain outfits? 

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