Broken hearted-a beautiful lesson…

Most people claim to ‘hate love’ often mistaking it for the pain you feel when it goes wrong or maybe the hurt someone’s caused you. But that’s not true. Love is the warm feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you first realise you love them. Love is the excitement you feel when you are around them. Love is when you smile at them and it means a thousand words.

Love comes in many shapes and forms but I’m talking about love in relationships. Some of us are fortunate to have that love that lasts a lifetime. Some of us love and the end result is hurt, disappointment and often feelings of foolishness. Whichever one we have experienced, love never really escapes you. 

I believe if you love someone you will love them forever. People often think if this person has hurt you then you should completely forget them and erase all feelings for them. But it is possible to move on with your life and still love them. I’m not talking about the love where you want them to come back to you. I’m talking about the love that you bury for them but it’s still there. If they had an impact on you and your life, if at some point you loved them, whether you like or not you probably always will.

After a relationship we often list all the bad things, we focus on how hurt we feel, we wonder if we can ever get over it. When I first fell in love I believed I could never love anyone like this again. I believed I could never let this person go because this love was so strong. But after it ended I fell in love again. And the most special part of that was realising that you don’t just love once in your life, it is possible to love again. Yes I got hurt, yes I felt foolish and wondered why I’d allowed myself to fall in love. But would I say ‘love sucks’? Definitely not.

This person made me feel alive again, he got me to open up to him and talk about things I had never spoken to anyone about. He made me uncover feelings I never knew I had. He showed me what love was supposed to feel like. He was the reason I knew I was truly capable of loving someone. He made me a better person in so many ways.

When someone makes you feel like that it makes you want to fight for them, it makes you not want to give up on that relationship. I know I’ve written hundreds of messages out ready to press send, ready to tell them not to go. But someone wise once told me ‘never persuade someone to be with you’. So no matter how much you love them, no matter how great they made you feel, if they don’t want to be with you then move on, you will experience all that again with someone who does.

I guess my point here is we are not living in a movie, this is real life and sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Some of us are so afraid to love and when we do we are so afraid that if it ends we won’t find someone else, we won’t love again. Life shifts us in crazy directions and if you allow yourself, you will love again. It’s all part of this beautiful adventure we call ‘life’.

2 thoughts on “Broken hearted-a beautiful lesson…

  1. ayshf says:

    ❤ this!!
    Love shapes you and it’s important to try and take something positive away with you however it ended. Not always easy at first but in time you will be able to reflect and think of how being in love shaped a part of you! ❤❤


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