Six secrets to stunning skin 

For me a beautiful face starts with beautiful skin. How lovely would it be to not have to worry about how you’re going to cover up those imperfections. Is it just me or can a spot literally ruin your entire day? Now I’m sure you all know that the main secrets behind perfectly healthy skin is to take your makeup off, not have hot showers and drink water-lots of it. I walk around work carrying my 2 litre water bottle (it’s a hot look-I swear) thinking this magical medicine will be the answer to all my skin problems. But is following these steps and drinking water really all it comes down to? Read on to discover my six secrets for perfect skin…
1. Is the term ‘beauty sleep’ a myth? Absolutellllllyyy nahhht. Recommended sleep is around 7-8 hours a day. However if you can sneak in a 20 minute afternoon nap- BAM  your skin will be glowing.

2. Protect your skin-even if it’s windy and raining outside your skin still needs to be protected. A few months ago I was in the spa reading a beauty magazine that recommended ‘Elizabeth Arden prevage’. This product is literally the best thing I have EVER bought. Now you may have to close your eyes when you swipe that magic card, hefty price of £50 but it is sooooo worth it. This product is silky and lightweight. Its purpose is not only to protect your skin against the sun but pollution. Pollution? What’s that got to do with anything? How many of you knew the main cause of ageing is not protecting your skin against pollution? I know I didn’t. This little miracle worker does 3 jobs: protects against the sun, pollution and can be worn as a primer-I’m so glad I found you.

You can buy this from most Debenhams and Boots stores.

3. Avoid stress-yeah like that’s possible. Feel stressed, deal with the issues that’s made us stressed and accept that ‘being stressed’ also breaks down collagen and makes us age. Bloody brilliant. The key to this is to find a way to ‘relax’. For me it is to spend a bit of time by myself. It might be going for a walk, jog or hitting the shops. I find this time allows me to gather my thoughts and pull myself together.

4. Monitor your skins moisture-erm so yeah I suppose we all have time in a morning to get the magnifying glass out and inspect how dry our skin is. It’s just NOT possible. Simple fix to this is to up your moisturiser in the winter-job done. If you have sensitive skin look for products with ‘ceramides’ in the ingredients.

5. Exercise-when I get back from a jog I have the most gorgeous glow, a glow I never get from makeup. There has been so much research into how exercise slows down the process of skin ageing and keeps skin looking healthy. Now I jog with a woman who’s 50 (does not look 50) she is hot! I asked her how long she’s jogged-her reply all her life!. It was at this point I realised the pain I was feeling jogging was totally worth it.

6. Stick to a good routine-it is important that you let your skin get used to a good routine. Now I could recommend the products I use but not every skin type is the same. All you need to know is what your skin type is, buy products that are made for your skin type and exfoliate twice a week. If you are fortunate to have a bit of spare cash left over at the end of the month (wishful thinking I know) then treat yourself to a facial, the results are amazing.

Do we really have to follow all this to get great skin-unfortunately yes. Going back to my original post this is a perfect example of how ‘it’s so hard being a woman’. But ladies we have to appreciate unlike men at least we can fake it with the makeup if we skip a few!

Do you have any tricks to getting perfect skin? What are your favourite skin care products?

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