My guilt free makeup obsession…

Do I ever go outside without makeup? Erm no. I mean it’s not that I have awful skin, I just (like most women) feel more confident with makeup on. But is it just me or do you feel guilty when you spend every day wearing it? Those Sunday evening when you stay inside and finally let your skin breathe, feels good doesn’t it? That’s what it comes down to really ‘feeling guilty’ for constantly covering my skin in all sorts to get that ‘perfect glow’.

So I searched for a product that covered my skin but didn’t feel heavy. After all this was something I would put on just to nip to the shop. Vein I know. But the thought of seeing someone with a bare face was too terrifying. Now I have friends that wear zero makeup in the day and look stunning on a night out and friends that wear a face full of makeup all the time and look no different. So my aim was to find something in between. A foundation that covered up my imperfections but didn’t look like I had spent hours contouring. My hairdresser recommended ‘bareminerals’. Now she wasn’t trying to sell this product (always a plus) but she was merely recommending it because she used it and thought it was AMAZING. So off I went to explore. Now when I got there, I was preparing myself for the usual ‘sale talk’ persuading me to spend hundreds of pounds but actually it was quite the opposite. I was greeted by a ‘perfectly glowing woman’ clearly paid to make her skin look ‘flawless’ she recommended the starter pack (a bit of everything). Now when I got home there was a disk inside which explained how to apply this. I laughed and thought ‘I’ve got this’ and threw it in the bin.

A few days later I got the box out and was excited to try it. I couldn’t even get in the foundation (probably should have kept this disk). Eventually I managed to tear the seal off and to my surprise it was a container full of powder. Now I always use ‘liquid’ foundation so already this was new. So at this point the disk would have come in really handy as I had no idea how to apply powder. I mean it’s not a fixed powder but a loose powder so the normal up and down movement of the brush wouldn’t work. My initial thought ‘how the heck am I going to get this on my face?’ Again really should have kept this disk. Eventually I found a YouTube clip on how to apply and after several attempts I had mastered the swirl of this application.

I loved the results I literally have to apply a small finger worth of powder to my face every day, which is great because I don’t have the heavy feel of makeup. For the days I’m not really doing much I’ll apply even less. The best part about this product is it’s that good for your skin ‘you can sleep in it’. Yes sleep in it! Now obviously unless you’re sleeping next to someone you don’t want to see your bare face you wouldn’t want to do this but knowing it’s that good for your skin makes wearing it guilt free! So the product is basically crushed minerals, it feels gorgeous on your skin, you really do feel like you have nothing on. I have used this product for 5 years now and would never use anything else. Even my eyeliner and lipsticks are bareminerals, you could say I’m slightly obsessed with the stuff! Price range is usually around £22 for most products which to me isn’t bad given the average foundation is now around £12.

These are my two favourite products from the brand.


The first is the original foundation (crushed minerals). My skin is really pale so I always go for ‘fair’. I wear the foundation for work, given the job I do (Primary School Teacher) you would think I would have to retouch my makeup throughout the day. But that’s what I love about this product no touch up is required and although it’s a powder it settles on your face like a foundation. I’m fortunate to not get many blemishes however when I do I also use it as a concealer just switching brushes to a concealer brush. The second is an eye brightener for hiding those late nights. I usually apply this product under my eyes and if it’s been a really late night in the corners and on the lids. Again no touch up is required because it sits perfectly on your skin all day.

So ladies if like me for every day wear you prefer a ‘natural look’ I would definitely recommend investing in bareminerals. Their guilt free products not only benefit your skin but give you a glowing flawless result.

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