The Problem with Perfection-Challenging Comparison

We are all guilty of this, we have all done it at some point in our lives. Scrolling through social media with the endless thoughts…I need to travel more, I need to exercise more, I need to eat better food. I mean it wouldn’t be a problem if we were observing but if you’re anything like me it’s not an observation it’s a comparison. And let’s be honest, how often do we compare ourselves to someone less fortunate? The thing with comparison is we are never satisfied. The harsh truth is there will always be someone prettier than you, someone who travels more, someone who is more successful. The only thing we can do is quit comparing, quit being so hard on ourselves. Think of something you can do now that you couldn’t do last year. Think of something you have achieved that you never thought was possible a few years ago, then set a new challenge. Remember we are never going to be perfect and let me remind you life is a lot more fun when we stop trying.

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